Service agreement

Your room is fully furnished and kitchen equipment and cleaning tools are at your disposal  during your stay as part of your agreement.

The service agreement is made up of two parts

  • Start pack: comforter, pillow, bed linen, towels, and a tea towel. This is your property and you are welcome to take it with you when you leave. If you do not want to take it with you, you must place it in a plastic bag that you will receive a few days before departure. The contents will be destroyed.
  • Service pack: inspector and building services, internet, access to laundry facilities (depending on your residence), cleaning of floors on the common areas, and final cleaning of your room

Please note:

The service agreement covers in-depth cleaning of a clean and tidy room when you move out. Expenses related to cleaning due to general negligence, washing dishes, emptying of cupboards and drawers, removal of things left behind by you etc. are not included in the service agreement and will be deducted from your deposit.

CBS Academic Housing

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