Rules and regulations

Rights and responsibilities
We believe that rights and responsibilities go hand-in-hand and when you believe you have certain rights you must also consider the responsibilities that go along with these rights.

It is your responsibility to keep the room clean and tidy.

You may not hang posters and/or pictures on the wall - only on the notice boards.

No pets are allowed.

You are not allowed to wash your clothes in your room or to dry them in your room. Damp clothes create an unhealthy environment and can also cause allergies, asthma or other illnesses. Please use the tumble dryer instead.

You are the only person permitted to sleep and live in the room you rent. You are not allowed to have guests staying over in your room. Lack of respect of this rule can lead to termination of your tenancy. If you have family or friends coming to visit you during the semester, they should find other accommodation.

For your safety it is prohibited to leave anything in the hallways. Items - including furniture, clothing and empty bottles -  may be thrown away by the cleaning crew or the inspectors.

Noise and parties
You have arrived to Copenhagen as a student with the purpose to study and so have those with whom you share the residence. It is therefore essential that you respect that noise must be kept to a minimum to provide a good study environment.

We also ask you to respect your neighbours and remind you of that loud music etc. is not allowed after 10pm, Sunday to Thursday and after 12:00 midnight, Friday and Saturday.

You live in a regular residential area, not on a big campus. It is not permitted to have parties in the residence hall, as the neighbours are very sensitive to noise and WILL complain to CBS and the police. If this should happen, you will be given an official warning. If you disregard the warning, we reserve the right to terminate your tenancy after a second warning.

If you have visiting guests we ask you to respect the other students living in the residence. Please keep noise at a minimum and respect your fellow students if they ask you to be quiet.

You have the right to a safe and secure residence area, but you also have the responsibility to keep your room door locked and not let any strangers into the residence. You have the right to a reasonably peaceful and quiet space where you can sleep and study, but you also have the responsibility to respect quiet hours, keep noise to a minimum, and to remind others politely that you expect the same from them.

We can't guarantee that you will enjoy all of these rights at all times. You share the responsibility. You can help ensure that these rights will be honored through thoughtful communication and discussion with your dorm mates.

Since none of us is exactly alike in our habits and day-to-day routines, it is generally a good idea to sit down with your floor mates at the beginning of the semester to discuss and agree upon some house rules. This may save you time and frustration at a later date.

In order to ensure a successful stay in a student residence it is important that you spend some time with and get to know your new floor mates. A good way of getting along with floor mates is to find common interests you may share and to respect your differences.

Should you despite this find that some friction exists between you, please contact the CBS Housing Department. They would like to know about it sooner rather than later to save you an unpleasant time. This is not like telling on people. Quite the opposite, it helps to preserve good human relations and they will NOT disclose who told them.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Student Residence – including in your private room.


  • Use candles or other open fire sources
  • Use flammable fluids when cooking

Please remember to turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use or being supervised.

  • Please note and memorize where the fire extinguisher equipment is placed
  • Please make a note of the escape routes.
  • Please do not block the emergency exit.

If you need help from the police, call 112.

CBS Academic Housing

Porcelænshaven 18B
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: (+45) 3815 3815