Keys and tags

Safety and keys
For safety reasons you must always remember to lock the door to your room when you are not there. If an inspector finds your door unlocked when you are not in your room, he may lock it.

Therefore: Please, ALWAYS remember to take your key and tag with you when you leave your room.

The main door to the residence should always be locked, even when you are at home.

It is not allowed to make copies of the keys, as this compromises the safety of the building and your fellow house mates.

If you lose or break your key or tag, or have locked your self out of your room and need an inspector to unlock your door, it will be at your own expense but only if you need to get an inspector or a locksmith to unlock your door after working hours. The cost will be up to 1,500 DKK. You will also be charged the cost of a new key or tag.  Please report to the help desk as soon as you discover the keys or tags are missing and they will make the necessary arrangements for you to get a new set and have the locks changed if necessary (up to 3,000 DKK).

The normal price for a lost key tag is DKK 100 + DKK 200 in administration costs (from January 1 2022).

The price for a lost mailbox key is DKK 300 + DKK 200 in administration costs (from January 1 2022)

If you report a missing key or tag and you find it, you will only be charged DKK 200 in administration costs (from January 1 2022)

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