I have lost my tag, how can I get a new one?
- New Washing card/tag is ordered via internet:
www.saniva.dk, item ”vasketur” – please chose "laundrytime". Chose CBS Nimbus Parken. Under item ”user menu” please chose item  ”Order card/tag”. Please follow the instructions.

Can I transfer the money from one tag to another?
Yes, if you send an e-mail to vaskekort@saniva.dk and write your old tag number and your new tag number, then Nortec can help you transfer your money in a couple of days. If you don't remember your old tag number, please contact help desk: www.cbs-ah.dk/new-case and they can tell you the old tag number. (If it was the original tag, you've lost)

I forgot my password to my account. How can I get it back?
Please do the following:
1.    Please activate your laundry card/tag on the panel
2.    Choose “MIN KONTO” – icon at the top in the left corner of the screen
3.    The following appears:

Monthly use

Card/tag id:
Appartment No.:
User No.:

Internet login:
User name:

4.    Password: Your password appears

If you don't find an answer to your questions, please contact Saniva A/S
PHONE: 44 91 34 51
Mail: vaskekort@saniva.dk

CBS Academic Housing

Porcelænshaven 18B
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: (+45) 3815 3815