Serious emergencies: For all serious emergencies please call 1 1 2 (fire, person injury etc.)

Locked out/lost key: If you lock yourself out or lose your key, please log a case at the help desk - don't call or go to the International Office. The inspectors will respond free of charge during office hours (Monday - Thursday 8 am - 3.30 pm, Friday from 8 am to 3 pm). Please note that the inspector may not come immediately to unlock your door; you may have to wait for an hour or more.

If you lock yourself out outside office hours, you may contact the locksmith De Blå Låsesmede at 0045 7026 2266. Please note that it will cost you approximately DKK 1000 to have the locksmith come to let you in. The cost will be deducted from your deposit. The locksmith can't issue new keys/key tags.

Dorm Specifically
Porcelænshaven, Nimbuskollegiet and Kongens Tværvej:

Emergencies related to the buildings
such as water flooding the building or a broken water pipe (no power in your room is NOT an emergency).

During office hours please use the helpdesk: www.cbs-ah.dk/new-case 

Outside office hours please contact the emergency service company Forenede Services by phone: On week days 3.30 (3 Fridays) pm - 4 pm, +45 6010 8656.  4 pm - 8 am and in weekends: +45 4634 2099. Forenede Services will normally respond within 60 minutes.


Please refer to Tietgenkollegiet’s intranet: http://inside.tietgenkollegiet.dk/login or the local inspector for building related questions.  

EMERGENCIES outside normal working hours may be adressed to +45 2328 4080. Please note that this number is only for Tietgen.

Misuse of this number for non-emergencies may have economical consequences for you.



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