Cleaning – a common responsibility. Not a request but a MUST.

It is your common responsibility to keep the common kitchen/dining areas, hallways and toilet/bathrooms clean and tidy. The floors and stairs will be cleaned monthly by a cleaning crew, provided they are accessible. For your safety it is prohibited to leave any thing in the hallways. Items - including furniture, clothing and empty bottles -  may be thrown away by the cleaning crew or the inspectors.

Cleaning supplies are at your own expense and are not supplied by the owner or CBS.

Daily cleaning
In order for you to keep everything clean and sanitary, there are some things that need to be cleaned every day.

Please wash your dishes and other kitchen utensils as soon as you have finished cooking and eating. Make sure you dry them and put them back where they belong. Do not leave them in the kitchen sink or on the drying rack.
Remember to clean the counters (and dining table) when you have finished cooking and eating.

If you have used the stove or oven, you should clean it after use. Please sweep and wash the kitchen floor frequently. It is equally important to take out the garbage every day. Do not leave the trash bag (or anything else) on the landing or staircase, but take it to the container in the courtyard. This is not only for your own health and safety, but also to comply with fire regulations which require that hallways and staircases are kept free from obstructions. Garbage also attracts vermin.

Toilets and bathrooms
The toilet and bathroom sink must be cleaned every day. The shower should be dried after every use. Swipe the water from the walls and floor and make sure you remove hair and soap residue from the drain; otherwise the pipes will clog.

Here is a list of the weekly duties:

  • Carpets are to be vacuumed. Vacuum cleaners are supplied for this purpose.
  • Please ensure that the hose is kept clean at all times and the internal dust bag is emptied and replaced every other week.
  • Vinyl floors should be washed.
  • The floor in the bathroom should be washed.
  • The showers must be decalcified using a calcium remover (i.e. Minus Kalk).
  • The refrigerators and freezers must be cleaned and old food thrown away.
  • The electric kettle must be decalcified white winegar (Husholdningseddike).
  • Please remember that not only is an unclean residence/room not a nice place to live in but it may also develop into a serious health hazard.

    Special notice regarding limescale

    How to remove limescale and hard water deposits.
    There is a lot of calcium/limescale in the water in Frederiksberg.
    Regularly tackle limescale removal to prevent it building up.
    Even the hardest water deposits can be vanquished with the right cleaning agent and a bit of elbow grease!

    What shall I use?
    We recommend you use vinegar. It is non-toxic and can be bought in every grocery store. Please only use the vinegar without sugar. Sugar can corrode metal if not removed in due time.  Never use acid ("eddikesyre") as this will cause damages.
    If the cleaning team has to spend extra time on removing limescale in your room, when you move out, your deposit will be reduced.

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